Digital 1 is essentially a business in a box, providing many different products under one "roof" for all SMEs wanting to lower their operating costs, make their business more efficient and access professional services with the click of a button.

All you need is an account with Digital 1 and you will be able to store documents safely and securely in the cloud and access them at any time along with various programs including MS Office all via the cloud via icons installed on your desktop. Accessible from your office computer or any device that you work from. Depending on the sevices you have signed up for, you will have various buttons on your desktop to enable access to various services simply, such as legal, publishing, customer relationship management, IP tracking and telemarketing services. All you need is access to the internet and your entire business can be run via the cloud. There is no need for expensive hardware systems as everything is handled via the cloud.

Digital 1 removes the need for traditional IT systems which can often be inefficient and costly to maintain. The applications can be accessed anywhere from any device so you are not location dependent, which is just essential for forward thinking businesses. The service is scalable and therefore can support fast growth businesses.

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